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69 EUR

(monthly service fee)

  • unlimited advertising budget
  • visibility in 48h
  • support and easy-to-use reports
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Standardfor e-commerce

149 EUR

(monthly service fee)

  • product Listing Ads
  • no limit on products
  • support and easy-to-use reports


All amounts are net amounts in EUR.

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Standard for e-commerce


Available channels

Search network text ads


Dynamic search ads (DSA)

Google Shopping campaigns (PLA)

Optimization strategies

8 strategies
15 strategies*


Standard for e-commerce



Online materials, e-mail

Before the campaign launch we provide:

Campaign design, strategy selection, assistance with installing tracking codes, integration with Google Analytics, assistance with setting up a Google Merchant Center account.


In all plans you receive:


  • 1 month onboarding (full support)
  • Ready-made AI & Machine Learning strategies for your campaigns
  • Unlimited number of campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Reports (weekly, monthly)
  • Support and consultations
  • Premium training webinars
  • Campaign design & build
  • 24/7 access to the platform

What is included in the activation fee?

Creating the campaign, selection of strategies, support with tracking codes installation, integration with Google Analytics, setting goals, enabling data collection, creating remarketing lists, support with setting up a Google Merchant Center account.

Each plan consists of:


Don’t worry about anything! It is entirely up to our specialist to set up and supervise the campaign for the first month. During this time, you have the opportunity to get to know the system and ask questions!

Design and setting up the campaign

The better your campaign is designed, the faster it starts to bring you profits. Therefore, we always entrust it to an experienced specialist so that you do not need to experiment yourself.

Ready-made AI & Machine Learning strategies

After a month, the campaign is already being optimized by our self-learning algorithms. Based on the collected historical data, they make decisions about to whom and where to show your ads.

Unlimited number of campaigns / ad groups / keywords

We do not limit the number of words, budget or campaign in any way. The amount of your subscription for the VCM tool will remain the same regardless of the circumstances.

Weekly and monthly reports

We know you don’t want to study complicated diagrams and tables. That is why we have designed a clear report with the basic results of your campaign. In 3 seconds you will know if everything is working out and producing good results.

24/7 Access to the VCM platform

VCM does not get sick and does not go on vacation. Daily, our algorithms can introduce even thousands of micro-changes to each campaign, working for your success. You can also check the results at any time!

Klaudia Zielke

Head of Web Analytics

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