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Tired of agency commissions for Google Ads campaigns?

Replace it with VCM and reduce your Google Ads service costs by up to 80%!

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Use machine learning
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Fast start

Your Google Ads campaign is created in 48 hours. We know that time is money, and you want quick results.

Save time and money

You don’t need to hire a specialist. Self-learning algorithms will effectively optimize your campaign.

Clear reports

Forget about analyzing millions of tables and charts. You will receive a simple summary with the Google Ads campaign results.

You can cancel your subscription at any time

Is VCM for you?

The answer is yes, if:

  • you have just started your business and want to increase your profits without investing a lot of cash in advertising
  • you run a business that doesn’t require major and regular changes to your campaigns
  • you run a local business
  • you operate in the service industry
  • you want your ads to be regularly optimized by self-learning algorithms
  • you run an online store and want to see what will be most profitable

Choosing VCM pays off


Unlimited budget

No obligations

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Google Ads campaign with VCM –
the optimal solution for
small business

We offer a proprietary system for creating and optimizing ads based on machine learning. We have integrated our algorithms with smart bidding algorithms, so you don’t have to choose one technology – you can have both. It’s a simple and effective solution that reduces Google advertising costs.

We have created VCM with small businesses in mind. A pub at the market square, a hairdresser, a car repair shop, a shop selling local products – these companies will benefit the most from this system. Why?

Expanded Google tools are great for campaigns with bigger budgets, VCM was designed to learn while operating on small budgets and small amounts of data. Even if you don’t have a large advertising budget, our algorithms will make sure that you get the most of the invested money.

VCM – how to start?
It’s very easy!


Contact our specialist

Write or call us. We will get familiar with your business and prepare the best plan for you.


Sign the contract

After specifying your needs and selecting a satisfactory offer, it’s time to sign the contract. You can resign at any time.


Campaign setup

Our specialist creates a campaign from A to Z, selects all parameters, sets strategies, creates texts, searches for keywords – simply does everything to make the ads work well.


One month of assistance

We assist you for a month. During this time, we check the proper functioning of the campaign and introduce the necessary changes to bring you the best possible results.


Enjoy the effects

After a month, the algorithms have a set of data that allows for autonomous decision making. The campaigns will be run and optimized by the VCM tool. You will receive transparent reports that will allow you to quickly verify the effectiveness of the ads.

You can cancel your subscription at any time!

Klaudia Zielke

Head of Web Analytics

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